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General Information

The gallery exhibits from Monday to Friday (from 17:30-19:30) works from the collection of  POLMONE PULSANTE.

In the antique studio there are Seminars and Customized Courses (groups) on various issues.

The “Trovaroma” (“Find Rome) "La Repubblica", (“The Republic”), "Corriere della Sera" (“The Course of the Evening”), "Il Messaggero" ("The Messenger"), "Roma Giorno e Notte" ("Rome Day and Night”), "Roma Gratis" ("Free Rome") in past seasons have kindly communicated the announcement of the meetings in the cultural section, indicating any changes. The Management of Polmone Pulsante thanks and recommends a daily consultation for the new season.

Changes to the program will be made in case of major circumstances so require.

Public transportation:

64, 170, N7 Metro B (Cavour or Colosseo).

Possible Parking Spots:

Via Cavour, Via Panisperna, Piazza Venezia.

Address:  Salita del Grillo 21 - 00184 - Rome - Italy

Contact us!

Tel +39 066798218




 +39 388 6798218  

Recommended app: i-nigma
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