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Catalog of services for Exhibitions at the Gallery

1. Space usage for Exhibitions

- Preparation of room with space for installation of works.
- Consultancy for arrangement and allocation of works. 
- Eventual collaboration in mounting or installation works. 
- Gallery opening and presence for the entire exposure period (inauguration day 18:00 – 22:00, Monday-Friday16:30 – 19:30). 
- Availability of audio video systems for inauguration and duration of exhibit (possible SIAE rights regulation, curated by the    applicant). 
- Availability of utilities at the gallery (electricity, heating, private use of services, etc.). 
- Press office basic services: update gallery’s web portal with the event, communications and event invitations sent via e-mail.
Any extras will be agreed upon separately (i.e. Sunday opening, different times, guided visits, description of live works, preparation of works list, etc.)


2. Critical Review 

- Synthetic presentation of artist and works for press review. 
- Presentation artist and works for content to be included in catalogue. 
- Presentation speech artist and works on the occasion of the inauguration. 


3. Press office 

- Communications and press releases through review web and social media channels. 
- Communications and press releases through channels of magazines or specialized organizations.
The review if applicant-provided may be subject to verification of the content.
Any web interviews or through distribution channels such as radio and/or television will be agreed upon from time to time.


4. Catalog 

- Preparation of graphic content and images
- Selection between presorted models (i.e. for different dimensions, materials, type of printing, etc.). 
- Coordination of activities with press. 
The draft will be corrected by the applicant in accordance with the schedule planned with the press. 

5. Photographic and video service

- Professional photographs at the exhibited works in the context of the Gallery 
- Professional photographs at the inauguration. 
- Shooting live video with the fixed camera or operator of the inauguration and of exhibit. 
- Directing service and video editing (with possible inclusion of text to be agreed).
Any audio content and/or additional filming to the live video to be agreed (possible SIAE rights regulation, curated by the applicant)


6. Catering 

- Cold catering service to be evaluated from time to time based on the number of guest communicated by the applicant. 



The center active since 1976 has long established partnerships with accredited professionals and companies in the field of art and culture, at municipal national and international level.


Any additional charges will be to cover the costs of space management, for any expenditures for activities carried out or required for the event, secretarial expenses, printing, postage, or any charges for the purchase of materials or services through established partnerships.

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