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Astralist Manifest

With the arrival of the Lunik satellite the astral light has exploded to man.

Free from the quotidianity of Earth, from the fragmentary, having exceeded the monocular three-dimensional space, open to the ever-changing nature, beyond the purity of abstraction:


  1. We conceptualize the work of art be it painting, sculpture, architecture, urban planning according to the current aspirations of the new cosmic energy.

  2. We claim the grace and beauty in the bright surge of the immutable essence, the renewal of the form, the new invention of the image.

  3. We feel the makers of the aspirations of the modern man.

  4. We open the soul to greater cosmogonic knowledge, disenchanted by appearances, in the energy of the absolute, projected to ASTRALISM.

  5. We paint with the violent strokes of creation, the architecture of the lunar stations exhalting simultaneous play of the revelations released by an unconditional conservatism.


Rome September 14, 1959.

Grazioso David, Claudio Del Sole, Sante Monachesi, Sandro Trotti, Saverio Ungheri.


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